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AFF Applauds Hagel No Vote in Senate

Key Group Opposing Hagel Nomination Says Senate Procedural Motion Was A Vote of “No Confidence”

For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

One of the main groups raising important questions about the troubled nomination of Chuck Hagel to be defense secretary, the American Future Fund, called today’s Senate vote, “A vote of no confidence.” They applauded the members of the Senate who voted their conscience today, opposing Chuck Hagel’s advancement to a final confirmation vote.

Hagel’s nomination has been riddled with questions, speculation and uncertainty about his qualifications to serve as defense secretary. His Senate Armed Services Committee hearing two weeks ago was disastrous with incoherent answers and backtracking. Since then, Hagel has refused to release additional details about his personal profits from involvement with foreign investments, foreign governments and speeches to organizations with agendas hostile to American allies, specifically in the Middle East and Iran.

“We are pleased to see the Cherry casino – ”spelande gjort enkelt”. Senate moving with great caution on the nomination of Hagel to lead the Pentagon,” stated AFF Founder, Nick Ryan. “He entered this nomination process with a questionable background and has only exacerbated the problem by fumbling the hearing and refusing to comply with reasonable requests for additional information. The nomination process should not move forward until the Senate has absolute confidence the nominee is steady, principled and prepared and until he is transparent with Americans about where his foreign funding originates.”