June 13, 2012

AFF Releases North Dakota Ad “Come Clean”

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

American Future Fund is releasing a new TV ad in North Dakota. The statewide ad, “Come Clean”, reveals US Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp’s support of ObamaCare.

Heitkamp actually claims that she thinks involving the federal government in health care is a good thing. That government bureaucrats can make better choices for you than your doctors. That

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high premiums and lower quality of care is a good thing. That cutting $500 billion from Medicare is a good thing.

Heitkamp knows her ideas will not be popular with North Dakotans so she’s changing her tune.

Can she be trusted to vote against ObamaCare?

“Heidi Heitkamp not only supports Obama’s health care plan, she has heaped praise on the outgoing tax and spend US Senator, Kent Conrad,” stated AFF Founder Nick Ryan. “Conrad couldn’t keep his promises to North Dakota to reduce the budget deficit so he’s retiring. With her obvious admiration for his liberal votes, why should North Dakotans believe Heitkamp will be any different?”

The ad asks viewers to call Heidi Heitkamp and come clean about her support for the health care law.

To view the ad, click here.


VO: Do you support the president’s health care law?

VO: Heidi Heitkamp did.

Heitkamp: “We can only imagine what would happen to our health care if we took the federal government out of health care.”

VO: She thought that government bureaucrats between you and your doctor, higher premiums and cutting $500 billion from Medicare to pay for MORE wasteful spending was a good idea.

VO: She’s changing her tune now, but we know the truth.

VO: Tell Heidi Heitkamp to come clean about her support for the health care law.

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Paid for by American Future Fund.