October 25, 2012

AFF Releasing New Ad in California 26

For Immediate Release: Thursday, October 25, 2012

Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250


American Future Fund is releasing a new TV ad in California’s 26th Congressional District titled “Raises” about candidate Julia Brownley’s dismal fiscal record.

The ad is a sad reminder that both Washington and California have serious spending problems but lack serious leaders to overcome these challenges.  Regardless of the fact California’s state deficit estimate has reached a staggering $16 billion, Julia Brownley led the Assembly in pay raises for her staff.  Some of her staff make over $100,000 per year.

Now Brownley wants voters to send her to Washington where similar irresponsible decisions have landed our country $16 trillion in debt, borrowing $4 billion a day.

“Brownley has demonstrated she is unable to protect taxpayer dollars,” stated AFF Founder, Nick Ryan.  “Voters should be cautious about sending a frivolous spender to our nation’s capital that is in dire need of fiscal discipline.”

California needs leaders who will fight wasteful spending and put hard working taxpayers first.  California does not need Julia Brownley.

View the ad here.

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