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AFF's "Hagel No" Campaign Releases First TV Ad

For Immediate Release: Friday, January 18, 2013
Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

Sen. Schumer Comes Under Fire For Reversing Position on Controversial Nominee

Des Moines, IA – American Future Fund is continuing its “Hagel No” campaign with a new TV ad titled “How Badly” which will run on New York cable. The ad questions Senator Chuck Schumer’s motives and sincerity in supporting former Sen. Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary despite his inflamatory statements about American Jews and ethical lapses.

Chuck Hagel”s nomination has come under fire from conservatives and liberals alike, focused in parton his policy positions regarding the United States” strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Hagel supported direct negotiations with Israeli enemy Iran even after Iran’s President threatened to wipe Israel off the map. He also made highly inflammatory accusations remarks, complaining about intimidation by “the Jewish lobby.” Even more concerning, Hagel has shown alarming willingness to cut defense spending to dangerous levels.

Senator Schumer on the other hand has been a strong supporter of Israel throughout his political career. So why is he abandoning his principles to support Hagel? Could it be because he is in line to be Senate Majority Leader?

Even the Washington Post editorial board says Hagel is “not the right choice” for Defense Secretary. Beyond his bizarre positions on Iran and Israel, Hagel has displayed a pattern of unethical behavior; failing to disclose assets and trading favors with lobbyists.

“Senator Schumer will have a lot of explaining to do during his appearance this Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press, “stated AFF Founder Nick Ryan. “America needs a leader of conviction and who is void of conflicts of interest – not one who changes his tune when politically expedient. Hagel and Schumer both are proving they will say anything for personal gain.

When the liberal Washington Post and conservatives are in agreement, you know the nominee has major flaws. Hagel”s unethical actions and policies are unbecoming of a United States Defense Secretary. Hagel is wrong for Defense Secretary and Schumer is wrong to abandon his beliefs and the Jewish community in support of Hagel.”

View the ad below.

Transcript of “How Badly”

VO: How badly does Chuck Schumer want to be the Senate Majority Leader?

VO: And what did President Obama promise him?

VO: After a career supporting Israel, Schumer now backs Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary.

VO: The same Chuck Hagel who supported direct negotiations with Iran after Iran’s President threatened to wipe Israel off the map.

VO: The same Chuck Hagel who complained about “the Jewish lobby.”

VO: Even the liberal Washington Post writes “Hagel is not the right choice for Defense Secretary.”

VO: No on Chuck Hagel.

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