February 7, 2011

American Future Fund Calls on Senator Tom Harkin to Fight for Jobs and Small Business

For Immediate Release:  Monday, February 7, 2011

Contact:  Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

In a startling move, US Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) voted against small businesses and jobs when he voted to keep the 1099 rule.  This rule would require businesses to file a 1099 every time they spent more than $600 with any single vendor, adding mountains of paperwork to small business and non-profits, not to mention growing the size of the IRS to handle the extra filing requirements.  The rule was so bad it was overwhelmingly repealed 81-17.  The bill’s own authors saw the error of their way and voted to repeal this measure.  But not Senator Harkin.  He has consistently supported Obama’s liberal agenda sending our nation into spiraling debt and putting the burden squarely on the backs of small business.

“Senator Harkin must be confused.  Americans want jobs in their home towns, not at the IRS,” stated AFF Founder Nick Ryan.  ”This is just further evidence that Harkin is out of touch.  AFF calls on Senator Harkin to recommit to Iowans that he will fight to create jobs and encourage small business growth right here at home.”

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