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New AFF Poll Shows Floridians Opposed To ObamaCare, Want State Officials To Counterbalance Federal Overreach

DES MOINES, IA – American Future Fund released a new poll showing deep dissatisfaction with the policies of President Obama, specifically his healthcare law ObamaCare.

President Obama holds a disapproval rate of 53%, with just a 43% approval rate in the Sunshine State. 50% of Florida voters prefer electing a Republican governor to check President Obama and his policies while only 39% of Florida voters support electing a governor in the mold of the President.

By a wide margin, nearly a majority (49%) of Florida voters believe the economy is the most important issue in this year’s midterm election. And on the issue of ObamaCare, just 41% of Floridians support the President’s signature law while 53% oppose it – including 44% of voters who strongly disapprove of ObamaCare.

In the Florida gubernatorial race that found Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) leading former Governor Charlie Crist (D-FL) 42% to 38%. 53% of Florida voters approve of the job Governor Scott has done in office and by a 44% to 36% margin Florida voters view Governor Scott favorably. Former Governor Crist; however, is only viewed favorably by 39% of Florida voters and is viewed unfavorably by 41% of voters.

Governor Scott also has a significant advantage over former Governor Crist on specific issues of concern to Florida voters. Florida voters believe Governor Scott is best positioned to better handle improving the economy and creating jobs by a 39% to 25% margin. And on the issue of which candidate would do a better job keeping taxes low and reducing wasteful spending, Scott again outpaces Crist by a 38% to 23%.

Nick Ryan, Founder of the American Future Fund, said: “Florida, Florida, Florida, as Tim Russert once said, will once again be a leading battleground state in this year’s midterm election. Voters clearly disapprove of President Obama’s economy and his signature healthcare law, and Governor Scott is holding his own in a head-to-head against the unpopular former Governor Charlie Crist. The majority of Florida voters believe Governor Scott has done a good job and he is well positioned to win a second term this fall.”

The live interview poll was conducted between May 4– 6, 2014 of 800 likely Florida voters on both landlines and cell phones by the polling firm of McLaughlin & Associates. The poll consisted of 47% male respondents and 53% female respondents, 37% of respondents were self-identified Democrats while 40% were self-identified Republicans. The poll has a 3.4% margin of error.